i should be doing thesis you know

but i'm busy 9gaging huhu what's happening it's 8 and i should've made some decent progress with our thesis omg. this is stressing me out. err, srsly! come on, flash! yknow, like chuck! grrr >XO

there's just so much workload to deal with! i enjoy being busy, doing a lot of things, specially when you get to do what you want (design!) hahaha but not thesis lol. if i could only make my entire extra curricular my thesis, i bet i'd get a more decent documentation than what we he have right now for our blaaaah of a thesis.

alright. how do you get a grip on these things? sometimes i feel like i'm not really doing anything big, work in the office gets tedious at times but that's because whenever i'm there, i take 3 positions: SA, ICON pres and CBS pres. then i consider myself lucky because at least i have a desk with a computer and internet! hehe! orders may be piling up but none of them combined is as stressful as trying to come up with something to show your professor that's supposed to be a "progress report" on your THESIS. come on flash! i have no patience for this. >XO

then sometimes i get anxious for this semester to end because i want to get rid of all the stress factors from school and just focus on being in love. for the lol of that. srsly. T__T;

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