happy valentine's day!

ooooh this day was great!

1. at the office, all i did was eat!!! someone came to school selling boxes upon boxes of discounted cheetos, tostitos and lays! course the reason is obvious haha. looooook, they're selling these big packs at 50 pesos each. but lucky me got it for 3for100 because of the 'employee' discount i sortof benefited from from the department heads! hihi

don't tell mommy
 2. it's valentines day so i get to spend the day with jeckie! and of course... EAT AT YOSHI!

at yoshinoya sm north >:D

my favorite feast
 yoshi!!! they have a promo where it says that when you buy 2 rice meals, you get 2 regular red tea for free! i don't like red tea (cos it tastes like gummy/jelly ace juice errr) so i just gave it all to jec and bought green tea instead hihi

3. awesome froyo

way out of my budget but i wanted to know how other froyos fare. so there, white hat! freaking awesome that i had 2 of these! hahaha very expensive though, 90 pesos for a regular cup (4oz). I Heart Froyo sells bigger at 55. hahaha but the difference is just so remarkable, lol. white hat is super pure fresh yogurt. tastes like yogurt and white cheese. love it!

4. RACK's for the first time >:D

awesome gravy >XD
slfkhihaldhasldj i'm sleppy
oh btw, we didn't dine there! LOOOOL as much as i'd like to think we could afford this hahahaha
we just met with his parents who are also, by coincident, celebrating Vday at sm north! hihihi

5. blueberry cheesecake from KCC. huhuhuhuhu how i love this day
tita and tito bought this and 

i just ate a slice, okay?! >XD yummeeehhhh
i'm really very sleppppy

I LOVE THIS DAAAAAYYY!!! thank you God for giving me soooo freaking much to eat! >XD my stomach is a messss 

thank you my dearest jeckie for making this day super wondahful! i superduperloooove you! >XD

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