bitch please

was supposed to unwind and think about stuff this afternoon but before i could even hit the mall with my sister... crap got crappier, my mood was totally killed so i decided to just lock myself in the house and feel sorry for making others feel sorry about myself. hey, i was supposed to feel sorry for myself but i end up feeling more sorry about what others feel about my sorry-ness for myself? bitch please. may i have my time alone? thanks.

 thank you blog. for always being there when i need you. and let's be exact, only when i need you. thank you for not forcing yourself on me when i clearly needed some time alone with my childish instincts. i missed being alone with just my murderous thoughts. with no one telling me i'm doing it wrong and with no one telling me i should be acting in accordance to fulfilling One's glory.

i was thinking if this is what i really wanted. cos if yes, i wouldn't be shutting myself with just my blog and no one else. then i thought maybe i'm not yet prepared to be completely honest with anyone yet. cos i have issues i'm not comfortable sharing with someone, and i have mood swings i'm not ready to compromise for the sake of relationship. yeah, i'm too selfish. i hate sharing what's mine.

what was the issue again? i almost forgot. yeah. nothing. check my tweets. or follow me to middle earth.

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