Options Job Fair 2012

freaking tiring day!!! i'm not even in heels and my legs are sore from all the walking, squeezing through people and waiting in lines, just to deliver my 50 resumes to 50 different companies to complete the job fair's bingo card (which is also required for our clearance. clever school huh). they'll be raffling it off and a lucky winner will receive a laptop at best. >XD i guess jeckie and i were one of the first to finish our cards. we turned em over at quarter to 12. then we ate lunch with friends, then went to UST to get jec's TOR, then to NCBA to get his F137 then finaaaaally home!

i was supposed to sleep but work came knocking around even before i could feel the inviting covers of my queen! >XO i have to prepare stuff for tomorrow's amazing race, text people, entertain concerns from the booths we invited, photoshop stuff for AOG then FCLC, and simultaneously worry about thesis. i wonder when my team and i are ever going to focus and thesis ALONE. i mean duh, it's the one thing we need to graduate. i can't believe we're taking it lightly like crap. 

what i like about huge job fairs, or any job fair in particular is that they always have freebies! bags, ballpens, memo pads usually, fans and blaaaah, yes candies too. who doesn't like freebies? i love paper. haha >XD


 my complete bingo card (front)

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