writing that kinda pays

yey for 1 kiao! i won this over at OpenRice's last promo! hehehehe what's cool with this promo is that the prize is actually money! hahaha usually they give out gift cheques and stuff so i had to exchange them from my friends or from buyers from the store itself just so i could get it in cash! >XD anyway, for that amount, i wrote 20 food reviews, of at least 100 words each. see? it's thaaaat cool at openrice. i get rewarded for doing the things i like e.g eating and writing. >:)

i'm still open for suggestions on earning online EASILY. but of course, none of those pay-per-click or paid-to-click websites that never really pays. writing could also be an option but i dun wanna go back to ghost writing about topics that i have the slightest idea about. like parasails and double doors. uggggh. the horror i've gone through for a few dollars. 

anyway. i thought i could use this weekend to rest and do stuff totally unrelated to school but looks like i have to work even on sundays! >X( 

back to gossip girl then. >XD

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