blood gone

yesterday, i donated 350 ml of blood for a church activity. looks like i've gone a bit too unhealthy since the last time i donated (early 2011, feb or april). my blood was too viscous (or malapot basta yun) that it took so long to fill the bag, there were times it stopped flowing cos it already clotted. so yeah, look at the bruises. i was freaking worried (deep inside), about the state of my blood. and also about the fact that i kindof donated useless blood. which is why i'll do my best to go back to the 2 liters of water/day habit that i lost after 2 weeks of herbal medication (and after snyder's jalapeno went off the shelves of rustans). haaay what can i do, i can't stop stuffing on junk food! huhu >XO

yearbook yearbook yearbook. what i need is an assurance that 100 people will pay. i really want to push through this, more than the happiness it would bring me to do the layout hahaha, it's one thing to prove the higher batches that we're not like them. we're not just gonna bend to an administration that cuts you off when you start talking money. i've been bottling up my grievances about stuff at school because it's rude to just rant and rave publicly, specially that i'm expected to act nice and agreeable ALL THE TIME. >:| haaaay

for the record, my sister's yearbook (CEM  Batch 2009) has only around 150 pages and more or less 120 pages of those are profiles of graduates from their college. that's UPLB, home of the not so rich kids, and they were able to pay off for the yearbook. if only people would realize that this is not a useless cause. it's a freakin memorabilia of your college lives! come on, if i could only reach through the parents to give their kids money for the yearbook haha.

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