so this is how it feels

to be happy with what you're doing even though you get very little money for it.
it's becoming more confusing for me now, doing things i should've pursued for the sake of my happiness just as a sideline and doing the less dramatic stuff in hopes of getting enormous monetary kickbacks in the future.

in the long run, people will always choose the path to happiness, and they hardly ever notice. and it's not even a choice, it's a gradual change of heart. sort of like a reaction that adjusts to stress to achieve exquilibrium. people will always feel most secure, jailed with their passions and money will never be a deciding factor.

for now, let me be practical and put happiness at second priority and money at the first slot. if only we could make both elements work in unison, that would be great. -___-; ehh, i know we could. i just don't how to make it work in my case. >____>;


i felt incredibly awkward at first pero buti na lang na-confirm ko na wala. haha, sayang ang friendship pare! :) let's stick to that.

grabe naman ako, hindi ako maka-get over sa kanya e last sem pa yun eh. nakakhiya naman. bwahahahaha. natataranta ako pag nakikita ko sya, lol. and just the mere thought na baka makasalubong ko sya, naloloka na ko, hindi ko alam ang gagawin.


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