anything to help me sober up

i think i drank too much last night. :) i apologize for being such a pain in the ass to my roomates who carefully escorted me from the square to my room. see, i still remember! the thing is, i'm not sure if i WAS really drunk. i mean, doesn't the fact that i remember things makes being drunk null and void? or is it something along the lines of aware-but-not-in-control thing? oh, i'll take the latter.

i know, i know. i was tipsy. i felt that. i felt my head go super light, my perspective moving round and round and damn was it nice.

to tell you honestly, it was my first time to feel that way... to feel almost drunk and in denial. and again, it was nice.

it's exactly the kind of feeling problematic people seek. and it's just about the best thing i felt in this whole week. i laughed a lot. and i realized that even though you can get a few good laughs for free, the best laughs always comes with a drink or two.

i don't want to sound like i'm morphing into an alcoholic but man, i appreciate alcohol now... more than ever.

and you know what?
i threw up a couple of times at home and i couldn't sleep and it sucks (in a good way) because i am aware of what's happening, of what i'm doing, yet i seem out of control.

but you see, me being out of control isn't really the 'out-of-control' thing you'd expect from other people, i'm not violent, i guess i'm talkative but my being out-of-control was tolerable. at least during that time i think i am kind of tolerable. i'm not a hardcore drinker after all, and you cannot subject me into haing wild tendencies. ;)

and i have a fckdmt math midterms the day after and i have another freakin exam the day after that.

i can't explain how i felt last night anymore, but i don't regret what happened. :)

and noooow?
i just came back from our midterms, it was so-so... i am expecting a passing grade. well, i know i will pass. hopefuly, i mean... i wasn't able to get more than 2 hours of review! wtf! :|

and tomorrow will probably be the crappiest day of my life.
you got my next exam to blame for that.

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