something i don't quite understand

seriously. i could only imagine myself being WED to this one guy. this is ridiculous i know, were not even close but i can totally picture US together... as partners, with kids! this is freaking me out. :) he's unique! we click! though i haven't proved those yet but he's up to par with my weirdness and because of that i want to know him more! hahaha, yeah, like 'will you marry meeeee?????' crap. it's really rare, you know, me discovering him. that's rare. it's hard to find people like him. :) he's different from my major crushes, he's not even considered a 'major' one even though i kind of indirectly announced that i'm going to marry him someday.

but it's cute, if not downright assuming and silly. but that's life. at least being an old spinster is out of my league. at least the thought of being one... for now.

though if i don't get to that stage of having enough magnetism to attract 'love', the idea of being single forever doesn't scare me big time... given that i'm single, AND RICH.

but still. :)
i got a super duper bad headache right now that i'm not attending our GA. i'm sorry, gosh, i have orders to deliver. >___>;; sorry.

i think i broke my housemate's laptop. when i start the computer, it says "NTLDR is missing... press ctrl+alt+del to restart". and when i do so, it goes back to that stupid line. the only cause that i could think of is a VIRUS.

what else? i'm a virus goddess after all. i've crashed 2 PCs and a laptop before, and now it's up to 2 PCs and 2 laptops. i'm terribly sorry for being so careless when it comes to games. but i have a solution now, thank God. i need her boot disk. :)

i'm tired. super tired.

hey, i had a really good dream... i dreamt of receiving flowers from a secret admirer. and the delivery guy was someone from SELES. actually the flowers are from SELES, i mean.. there's a tag there that mentioned the name. but whatever. the feeling was nice. i almost thought it was real... :)

until i woke up with a torturing headache. :(

really now, good dreams are followed by harsh realities.

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