my set of dream pens has arrived!!! yeheeeey! :) ahahaha, i just started a "Project STF (staedtler tripus fineliner)". will be out in a couple of months. haha career!

this is how google translator made my day.

translated 5 TIMES... as in, english to filipino, tapos i retranslated the translated text...tapos ganun ulit. bsta 5 times cos that's when the words became constant na.

and the core message still remained intact (mejo lang. or so i thought?). core lang, everything else was mistranslated. haha the construction killed me, but if you actually understood the seemingly indistinguishable block of text i pasted below, amen to you! you must really love me. hahaha

is excessive

I sometimes just want to cry because you think though, 'thinking' is the only thing I can do. I am trying to read, and you desperately, even to provide some valid yourself around thoughts.

I say i love you because I have to ensure that when I, my heart is overflowing with honesty and you realize I'm not in it for a joke. many times you've muttered the words to me mean so little because you are all but serious about them. or thinking?

I do not know what love is, but if my reasoning serves me right you can fix my second love. This usually takes a lot of months for me to recover more than an imaginary grief (a self-inflicted one), and that happens to me a lot cos i hardly (barely, rarely, well. .. Never) confess, so all the small things that break my hopeful fantasies.

hay. if only you knew.

when i read this, tawang tawa ako. at awang awa sa makakabasa neto. ang galing lang tlaga ng google translator.

*clap* *clap*

at ang galing ko lang din. leche, why do i have to make things harder for you? why can't i just say it? aaaah, e kasi takot ako e. kaw rin naman a.

may 5-degree translation pang nalalaman, pota.

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