the calling

my eyes hurt. actually, my left eye is already red. wtf. so my dad advised me to wear glasses in front of the computer, but because i don't have glasses... he gave me shades instead. picture this, i'm wearing shades in front of the laptop in the middle of the night. he said we're buying glasses this weekend (but i doubt).

20-20 pa naman ako a. -___-;; kaso radiation daw. will it help reduce the amount of radiation i get from the PC if i wear glasses? ok, will research on that. oh okay, so glasses can really help minimize the effect of PC radiation. sige sige, will use glasses soon. hmm, but i still doubt it! most of my bespectacled friends say it only worsens your eyesight. haha

cool info about our itfunda prof. he topped the aeronautics board on 1988! freakin awesome. O_O woa, if he's that great then why did he venture into CS/IT?!?! figures. realizing your core gift is truly confusing, taking it from our teacher, he used to be taking mechanical engineering by blow and now he's settling at an entirely different, unrelated field! :| i wonder if he's happy where he is right now. :)

kasi naman. we are often predisposed into thinking that whatever course we are taking now will define our future. i don't agree though, career shifts are common nowadays. my dad landed 16th on the civil engineering board exam during his time, but he's selling life insurance now. beats me. and me? i don't want to waste my entire college life studying something that will eventually force me to shift careers. so if there's something you're most inclined at doing, pursue it. cos if you don't, not only will you waste your bachelor's degree, you'll also find yourself spending another fortune studying what you really want. :) look who's talking. haha

haha but you know, time is a big factor. you can't force people into realizing their calling too soon, like right after highschool just in time to help them pick out college courses. it doesn't go that easily. most of the time, it comes around during our post-grad days... haha. hindi naman sa sayang yung pinag-aralan mo, pero diba...when the time comes that something of stronger value is tugging you at the sleeve, don't miss the chance. if it's passion talking, charge like a bull.

once you realize your core gift, acknowledge it. then nurture it, by doing so, you also nourish your soul. nothing beats a well nourished soul.

anyway, i SHOULD be studying.

here we go again.
bad habits die hard.

i'm not a fan of objective type of exams but i acknowledge them because they're the easiest type of exam in the planet. i'll take my chances on that. :)

still on page 1. watda.

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