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i always pretend to like someone else to avoid unnecessary inquiries.

(3 years ago?)

after a stupid heartache, a semester of him missing in action and me almost getting kicked out from the university, i recovered. i suddenly felt like clearing things up to people, because lying is bad. and this is how it usually went...

me: oh him? honestly, i never really liked him. while most of you thought i did, i was secretly in love with another person haha. you never knew, did you? sorry for not telling.

them: wtf! seriously?!?! ok, we feel betrayed! why did you have to hide it?

i wanted to tell them, "because honestly, i can't trust you to keep your mouths shut, specially if he's around. and HE'S ALWAYS AROUND."

but instead,

me: cos we're best buddies, at least during the time he's still here.


- trinoma tomorrow? i want the (yet again) limited edition yahoo shirt and swags. please Lord, let me be in the first 20! >_<... actually if i get 2 shirts i'm planning to give it to anne and sherwin to make up for not being able to get the purple hunt shirts (cos it went out of stock). big IF!

- err, next week. i'll probably be hanging out at ortigas (uhh, daily?) cos my sister is there...training...somewhere. yehey blenz wifi aaaaaand coffeeeeee! :D

- harry potter 6 will be out next week and i haven't marathoned the last 5 movies yet. kkkk. when i get to ortigas i'll buy dvds na. gosh, 200 for that?! i need to get back my mojo for harryxdraco or else i == fail.

- plus clear copy of transformers2, and naruto! :D

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