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// since ate theresa is nagging me to watch PBB Double Up, i watched it this evening to see how melason is progressing. hahaha super kilig talaga ever!!! >XD grabeeeee like, whew! ang lakas! but then, it's still unclear whether jason is really 'courting' melai like he loves her or something cos last time i heard, he just misses her so much that he went over the bakod just to see her and set up a 'picnic date'. and that's what melai is being paranoid about, does he always do sweet stuff when he misses someone??? kamooowwwn, jason! just tell her if you love her or not. i feel for melai kasi it's still vague. mahalaga ka sakin. hindi ako magsasawa sayo. masaya ka kasama. eh fuck naman eh, why can't u just tell her you love her then before she disfigures herself making funny faces with confusion. LOL ang hirap aminin diba? e duh mahirap talaga aminin ang love (lalo na sa sarili), especially for SERIOUS people.

// this afternoon i tagged along with ate theresa to UN blah blah, i was supposed to buy a drawing journal at national but it's not available... anyway, soon enough i figured why God didn't want me to have that notebook.

we dropped by this ukay ukay near fcm to check and i saw this supercool black jacket hahahaha e ang gandaaaa... blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comso binili ko na. hahaha i'm impulsive when it comes to jackets eh sorinaman. lalo na black? tapos 161 pesos lang? hahaha yehey. parang nalugi tuloy ako dun sa huli kong binili na jacket... 1,400. >X|

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