white flag up!

// the gown came in this morning. it's okay naman. kinda loose. more adjustments pa. hahaha

// i'm giving up with the java project. my brain has completely liquefied already and has seeped out from my nose. ayoko na. stuck with: populating a double array with tokens.

// i added a new widget from response-o-matic. it's like formspring, only... you don't have to open a new page for it. i remember using it years back but removed it... anyway. go ask? lol, what the hell is bandwagon doing to me. hahaha. and i was thinking, why do you need to register for it when you can create your own form? it's just freaking html. roight. hassles.

// i dreamt about something scary yesterday afternoon before i got up to attend my mathlog exam. it goes like this:
setting: maguindanao
so there's this short, white, curly-haired and mustached media man who is surrounded by murderers (the massacre guys, you know). he was shaking terribly, head bent down and hands clasped to a prayer. seconds later, he passed out, and fell back down on a puddle of water. bad guy 1 picked him up by the shirt and slammed him on a cement column. his head bled. then bad guy 1 started punching him on the gut, counting as he did so. he started at 1300!!!!!!!

which probably means he has already punched 1299 times before i got to the dream. i was crying already and out of utter nervousness, i woke up... not knowing where and who i was in the scene... whether i was a media man... or one of the bad guys, or just a witness (but i was too close though) or.. i dunno. T__T;; a nightmare, apparently. still gives me the chills. T_____T

madami pa akong panaginip!!!

// dream #2: awhile ago... maybe in the morning? i'm not sure.
i dreamt that i was playing a grand piano with super heavy keys and lots of foot pedals. i was trying to play River Flows in You by Yruma.

// dream #3: this afternoon. i dreamt about my bestfriend, brian. >:(
in that dream, i got mad daw that he's leaving na. so i walked out and crossed the street (i don't know where). for some reason, i was limping and caused traffic because i walk so slow daw. haha i was making para the jeepneys so they won't hit me. hahaha then i sat on a bench outside a shop (ewan ko rin kung anu yon) and put my legs up. pilay daw ako at hindi makalakad. weird. aaand umpe was laughing at me. hahaha tnx?

then he followed me across the street to tend to my pilay. he brought two cold damp cloths and put in on my legs. galit parin daw ako. oha. >:)))))) o tapos my dad came to fetch me and i walked ayaw na ulit. he said bumalik daw ako libre daw nya ko banana-q. i didn't answer.

when i came to the car, we left immediately, so ittext ko dpat sya na di na ko bbalik. but we kinda met a car accident daw. like we bumped into something on the road edi ninerbyos ang lola mo, tapos gising na ko.


// dream #4: i dreamt about my crush!!!! maiksi lang naman, he just walked in front of me. YUN LANG!!! well, yun lang naalala ko. haha i dreamt about him days ago pero all i remember is him writing my name on a mug... tapos jomari yllana was also there. malay ko ba. hahaha

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