lol what's happening???

i can't concentrate. whew!

i have to finish our webdev project tonight so i can do java tomorrow.

lol this isn't the first time it happened! teka let me count, since highschool... 1,2,3,4,5! errr, i'm talking about my majorcrushes. damn. hala i miss my crush! pwede makita? yun lang! then i'll probably hide when he notices me... as usual! nubayan. hahaha and i want coffee! and i'm also wishing for biofit to take effect NOW NA, so my stomach would lighten up kahit pano.

webdev. webdev. i have no idea what to put in the website. hmmm...
java. java. rogelio where are yooouuu??? =__=;

come to think of it, i had so many chances i blew just because i'm too shy, or scared... or uuhhm, weird. hehehe

oo at dahil dyan, i'll quit swooning (for a while) over jacob and continue with the damned project.

i'm hungry. =___=;

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