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it's from the movie Hackers which i got from chamel. and old film starring angelina jolie as a hacker... who kinda looks like an alien with her make-up. but i still love her! she's looks so awesome as an i-come-in-peace alien. seriously. hehehe

anyway. java project update, anyone? still in fucking hell hole, my friends. when rogelio touches the keyboard and adds in the codes, i just go blank and think that i couldn't mess with his code lest everything crashes.  if you wanna see how messed up my life is right now, see this, just disregard the br's:

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package javaapplication6;

* @author Compaq
import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
public class Main {

* @param args the command line arguments
private static final int STRING_NOT_FOUND = -1;
private static final String SEQ = "A";
private static final String ASC= "B";
private static final String DES= "C";
private static final String EXIT = "X";
private static final String VALIDCHOICES = SEQ + ASC + DES + EXIT;
private static final String MSG_INSTRUCTIONS =
"Welcome to the Final Grade Report Generator.\n\n" +
"Choose the Report you want to run:\n\n" +
"(a) Final Grades by Sequence\n" +
"(b) Final Grades from Highest to Lowest\n" +
"(c) Final Grades from Lowest to Highest\n\n" +
"(x) Exit\n\n" +
"Enter your choice here: \n";
//Message when the User enters an invalid choice
private static final String MSG_INVALIDCHOICE =
"Invalid choice.\n\n" +
"Valid choices are (a), (b), (c) and (x).\n\n" +
"Please click OK and try again.\n\n";
private static final String Exit =
"Thank You!";
private static final String DELIMITER = ":";
private static final int NDX_FIRSTNAME = 0;
private static final int NDX_LASTNAME = 1;
private static final int NDX_NUMBEROFNAMES = NDX_LASTNAME + 1;//2
private static final int NDX_NAMEORDER_01 = NDX_FIRSTNAME;//0
private static final int NDX_NAMEORDER_02 = NDX_LASTNAME;//1
private static final int NDX_MT = 0;
private static final int NDX_QA = 1;
private static final int NDX_FE = 2;
private static final int NDX_FG = 3;
private static final int NDX_NUMBEROFGRADES = NDX_FG + 1;//3
private static final int NDX_GRADEORDER_01 = NDX_MT;//0
private static final int NDX_GRADEORDER_02 = NDX_QA;//1
private static final int NDX_GRADEORDER_03 = NDX_FE;//2
private static String gDatastr;
private static int StartNdx = 0, EndNdx;
private static String Name[][] = new String [1][NDX_NUMBEROFNAMES];
private static double Grades[][] = new double[1][NDX_NUMBEROFGRADES];
private static final int Column = 14;
public static void main(String[] args){
String theChoice = GetUsersChoice();
if (theChoice.equals(SEQ)) {
else if (theChoice.equals(ASC)) {
else if (theChoice.equals(DES)) {
else if (theChoice.equals(EXIT)) {
else {
public static String GetUsersChoice() {
String theChoice;
boolean choiceIsValid = false;
do {
theChoice =
choiceIsValid = theChoice.length()== 1 &&
if (choiceIsValid)
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, MSG_INVALIDCHOICE);
} while (true);
return theChoice;
public static void ReadDataFromFileSetA(){
String numStr;
String dataStr;
String fileStr;
int ktr;
FileInputStream FIS_file = new FileInputStream("C:\\Users\\Compaq\\Desktop\\ab.txt");
DataInputStream DIS_file = new DataInputStream(FIS_file);
BufferedReader BR_file = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(DIS_file));
for (ktr=0;ktr

i couldn't populate the arrays, i can probably sort but cannot take reference without fucking populating the arrays with data from the text file FIRST. and wait, did i tell you it was damn hard??? all my current program does is display the joption pane with the instructions, then READ the txt file. just damn READ and not sort... or anything else. now if our prof would be as kind to just give us an EASIER project, one that fits our tiny little brains. our school doesn't have enough geniuses! and our project is probably just his UCLA seatwork. maaan, i need more time and more lectures (more CLEAR LECTURES) on this. anyone help?

i want brownies. >:(

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