work in progress

3 columns.
i'll probably make a 890px header soon.

i decided not to make an art blog at tumblr, sorry anne! see, i found this deviantArt widget that streams my recent deviations so i'm kinda ok with that. sengihnampakgigi

i'm trying to revive my links too. >:|

and there's this contest i wanted to join but i guess i won't be able to make anything cool cos most of the entries are hardcore CG and i freakin don't even know how to play with layers in photoshop. theme: End of Days. should be scary, but all i could think of are happy aliens and porings on flower pots. i'm being optimistic, what's wrong with that?

there's another dA contest though, theme: Dreams. this one's slightly achievable cos i could be extremely random... and the price is a Wacom Tablet. sengihnampakgigi

LOL i upgraded my creative zen's firmware and it malfunctioned even more. haha, anyway... fixed it already... 3 news albums added!

1) Owl City - Ocean Eyes >> fireflies, silver twilight and hello seattle are in this album so i gave it a go. surprisingly, everything's good! yey!
2) Yiruma - From the Yellow Room >> it has the same mood as his other album Love Scene so it's kinda boring, but it has Kiss in the Rain so... yeah. i tend to download an entire album even though i only found one good song in it. hehehehe
3) Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna OST 1 >> i just downloaded this randomly cos i heard one track and it sounded like one of those Survivor background music. no regrets so far. frakkin coool music. >:D

soooo... ok. i'm glad that God's shedding some light on our java project. sir Marquez gave us more hints! more hints meaning and entire sample source code of parsing string arrays! i learned so much about him this day, like he took mechanical engg at UP diliman (he's licensed too), and took Computer Science at freakin UCLA. i'm kinda seeing a pattern here, and it's quite inspiring. wahahaha.

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