Blog This! Extension for Google Chrome Beta

Guys, i'm back to Google Chrome! and this time i'm using the Beta version, because i got lured by this Blog This! extension i saw at Blogger Buzz.

The Blog This! extension basically gives you faster access to creating blog posts at blogger. by installing the extension, a small blogger icon will be added to your browser toolbar that when you click on it, the post editor will load on a small pop-up window... then you're good to go (or blog).

now that's really cool. makes blogging easier. :)

note that the Blog This! extension is only available for Google Chrome Beta.

so what's missing?

- the formatting options are pretty limited (bold, italics, forecolor, link, blockquote and spellcheck). i'm looking for the image uploader, jump break, and text alignment. they're pretty useful for me.

- labels field. i can't add labels with this which is too sad.

- preview.

.:: since it's a fresh release, i'm hoping it'll improve as time flies by or as users demand. then again they probably made the extension for people who want to be able to blog in a jiffy, unlike me and a lot others who are so OC with their entries. hehe

(blogged via Blog This!)
(edited via dashboard just to add Label)

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