in fairness, i'm awake.

i'm supposed to be sleeping cos it's ardy my power siesta time but strangely though, i'm awake. ah because i didn't eat lunch so... yun.

finally, it kinda dawned on me that i have to accomplish quite a lot of things this week! 2 projects, 2 homeworks and an art piece i'm supposed to pass TODAY.

my friend larz also recommended me to this webdesigning racket thingy but no calls so far. that's quite relieving cos even though i agreed to it (cos of $$$), i'm never sure of how reliable (and professional) my webdesigning and coding skills are. why don't you tell me?

my cruuuusssshhh. i'm losing it, but i'm not in love. happens every semester.

speaking of! someone just called me about the freelance webdesigning thingy. i'm super tensed, seriously. @_@;

God, help me! >:D

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