booooring -__-;

this is an extremely lazy day for me. i still get nauseated every once in a while like when i smell cold food but i don't throw up anymore. headache's gone too. wait, sounds like i'm fucking pregnant but no, i'm too much of a sinner to be granted immaculate conception. and even though my stomach is really big, there's no child in it, cos i'm 100% sure it's because i take too much afternoon naps and sit after every meal. k.

that's why i'm bringing back the biofit habit cos i think the food in my stomach hasn't been well digested for days. i also think my metabolism has gone slower than usual. hehehe

hey. last time i checked, NO ONE in our class is close to submitting the final project in java. sucks big time. rogeliooooo, i'm counting on you. hehehe

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