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yes! it's finally the last corpo day!!! no more planning on what to wear every monday!! yeheeey! :D

// thanks to mika, we have a project! >XD LOL i love you so much, if you're reading this, i owe you coffee next time we meet! i dunno, Planet 51? ALIENZZZZ!!! >XD >XD gawd, i love aliens. and cacti. don't ask me, i myself find it a mystery why i'm drawn to such... err, green creatures.

// awhile ago could've been more epic for me and my crush if i didn't have my friends around. see? i can't act normally if they're around, ready to tease me. even if they said they won't mind, thing is, I WILL -- and that alone changes everything. i wasn't able to even say hi cos i can't look at him, right when everyone around me is looking at him like 'yiiiieee. yan! crush mo o!!!' hmp. why are you so tall? you don't even dress properly. lol. and on top of that, you don't have freakin eyeglasses and and... sorry na. >:(

// my appetite is back. i find it unfortunate that i'm back to not being able to hold myself when i'm hungry. i buy everything that looks yummy without thinking if it could fit in my stomach. see, i just spent 200+ on dinner awhile ago. AND I WASN'T FULFILLED. i was full, but not fulfilled. there's a biiiig difference. full is when i dine in a cheap but scrumptious looking eat-all-you-can buffet and throw up afterwards. fulfilled is when i buy a mcsaver's meal at mcdonalds and take home lots of ketchup.

// i have three exams tomorrow. none of which i'm worrying about, except maybe java prog cos i'm afraid their finals are frakkin hard like last time (with c++). haaay.

// aaaah! i know what i want to learn now, MULTIMEDIA ARTS. damn. new dream course.

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