so nasan si ryan???? >:7

i lied when i said i won't go and see ryan agoncillo at smf. truth is,
i came to see him but FAILED cos there were too many people... too
many freaking emo people flocking the entire annex. i dunno, i think
he isn't even there cos it's just like an audition... you don't need
hosts for that, do you?

actually, i'm still at smf, waiting for my sister to tidy up so we
could go home.

i have an idea. i want to make an art blog for my artworks and
designs. i need a name. i want brainblast but it's already taken.
blastedbrain sounds good too, idk. help? >:D

whew. i figured it's easier to just attend group exercises rather than
design a program for myself (like 30mins treadmill, 30mins statio
bike, 30 mins ekek machine...), i freakin almost broke my back with
Body Balance awhile ago dammmiiiit. good sweat, yeah, gooood sweat.
december 30 is the day!

i want an art blog! >:D
&& i also need to go to blenz mega hahahaha i need an entire day to
look for inspiration! >:D i miss blenz. >:P

kkkk, later.


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