thank you! >:D

// yesterday - invited my little cousins and neighbors for dinner at my house. basically, it's a children's party! i realized that it's fun to spend birthdays with children cos they make me feel so young and lively! >:)

// today - swimming with fernds (fern friends, k? not a typo) -- saycee, chamel, mark, dan and jay. super fun! except that we weren't the only people in the pool that time. sucks. and you know whaaat... it's totally okay to share the pool with others duh, but there are like 3 couples exhibiting gross PDA and we're guessing 2 of them did something grosser in the bathroom cos there's this time when we found them missing and saw that the CR is fucking locked. wth, why are couples these days so hyper hormonal? do they turn each other on so much they can't wait to get each other laid? it's one thing that scares me with a having a boyfriend. and also, last time i checked, we're in an exclusive subdivision, in an exclusive clubhouse. onting class naman dyaaaan!!! fucking cheap!

// tennis with dan! jamming with jay! cooool!

// i don't think i'm ever gonna have a boyfriend in the next 3 years, kaya sorry naman to those who wished >:) i'm too serious and my standards are so fucking high that in my current environment, no one is good enough. sorry ah! but actually, i just want a package of looks && brains. yun lang naman eh bakit ba! hahaha perfect market na sana yung UPLB eh cos it's given na they're all smart, but oh well. >:|

// ay. alam nyo ba yung feeling na may iba ng gusto yung dating may gusto sayo na sobrang disgusted ka? MASAYA! sana tuloy tuloy na! HAHAHA

// mr. leech followed me at twitter. no idea how he ended up there, i guess he saw it in the browser history. tsk.

// thank you! thank you to everyone who became part of my birthday!

// tomorrow has to be a GOOOOOOD DAY! >:) i wanna see my crush play basketball promise!!! naman eeeeh.

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