// ateneo compsat is selling geek shirts! LOL, i'm promoting it cos i wanna buy one (or two) of their shirts, especially the one mika designed and THIS!! OMG I would love to have that shirt! please please please! CHRISTMAS/POST BIRTHDAY GIFT???? right! so mika also designed that shirt. i so love you mika. you're the best designer in the world. i wish i could also design something as smart as that!

// i went as proxy godmother to our neighbor's christening this morning. our previous neighbor was godfather and he came alone so being the only person in his age and the only person he's familiar with, i was obliged to entertain him. really awkward cos we never really talked much when we were still neighbors, we don't even hang out, last time we 'interacted' socially for more than 5 minutes was when i was in highschool, and we don't really talk... we just play badminton all afternoon. weird. then college came and, you know, i was lost for 3 years so... anyway, i texted my sister that she should've taken a break cos i'm talking with her ex-crush. haha

the food was great. in fact, since not a lot of people came, our house became (yet again) the default recipient of excess food. yehey! :)

// currently doing our javascript homework which is really taxing cos it's too long.

// we're already on my favorite trigo topic: PROVING fundamental identities! not because i'm good at it... on the contrary i'm getting challenged over it! when i say i'm challenged, it means i enjoy it, but i suck at it. >:P

// hey. every time i think that my crush isn't doing well in his studies, is slacking off, and is generally uninterested with his grades.. i get turned off. major points go to being intelligent (sensible in the least), looks follow closely behind but honestly, it's the brain i can't afford to overlook. >:[

ETA: i've always thought of this before, until i read this COMPOSITION who put it in such a striking way. Please Read guys. :)

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