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Name: Arianne Grace C. Birog
Nick: Yan
Birthdate: November 16th
Location: Philippines
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I'm someone who loves blogging (since 2004) and also someone who doesn't know (yet) what to do with her life. i'm currently taking up computer science at FEU-FERN College, but prior to that i was a chemical engineering student at UPLB for 3 years, i quit because i wanted to take fine arts (took me 3 years to realize) at UPD but failed the grade requirements... so that puts me where i am right now. kinda...

besides being an artist (a frustrated one at that), i am also an internet junkie, a wannabe competitive swimmer, and a dark (literally) wizard.

note: sorry if my grammar annoys you, it plagues this blog like crazy. not much of a writer, so please bear with me. >:D


You can contact me however you want. Easiest way is to comment on any of my entries or drop a line at the tagboard. Or you could email me if you want to. Oh yeah, Y!M is also an option.



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