i quit

how do you quit a friendship you've grown tired of? i feel like suddenly, i don't want to be friends with this person anymore. not because he did something bad but because i don't feel comfortable anymore, and anytime soon it could turn worse. i'm trying so hard to the point that it's obvious. i can't even tell anyone why.

can we downgrade friendship to just plain acquaintances in a snap? or can i just erase him from my life? sounds like a big deal. but i really really want him out. and if i could also erase everyone's memory of us, that would be greater. i just don't want to have anything to do with him anymore. i suck so much as a friend, but this isn't the first time it happened.

i always reject people who cross the line and fail my standards.

and right now, i'm waiting for you to make a mistake i could use as an excuse to eliminate you from my friends list.

i feel disgusted

and hungry too.

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