i love wednesdays! >:)

cos it's the only day i'm guaranteed to see majorcrush, or leopardo as chamel calls him. wahaha!
he always helps me with the projector. yehey. whatever talaga. pwedeng pagpasensyahan nyo ko??? and i saw him play basket at last, but it wasn't up close cos we're already walking out when i saw him on court. anywaaaay, it's a freakin happy day! >:)

// we joined this cell group fellowship at 309. haha masaya! >:) i thought it's impossible for me to get really hungry with the word but as i see it, i'm slowly building it! yehey for my spiritual progress!

// mathlog is so wtf. nangihnangihnangih
i mean, if you're trying to get a message across and no one, as in --FOR ALL X SUCH THAT X IS CSC-11-- no one gets it, then it's not because we lack analytical thinking... sometimes it's because the instructions were written vaguely. T___T; if there exists some (or even just one) element of X who got it right, then that's the time we can legitimately accept that we, indeed, lack logical analysis. hay!

// the reason why i avoid bringing college friends at home is because my parents always think i'm being badly influenced by them. but the truth is, the only friends of mine they trust are my highschool friends cos we all came from the same ground, they're all girls, and all of our parents are chinese strict. whaaaaaat.

// haha. oks. time to do some javapoop.

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