// i went to school but the guard won't let me in cos i was wearing maong pants. honestly, i didn't think it was obvious, no one noticed them before. kudos to mr. guard's sharp eyes. so i retreated home and told my parents our teacher is absent the truth. thank you dan brown for signing me on the attendance sheet (as always) hehehe.

// since it's my sister's rest day... we went to the SM north! yehey! sobrang taken for granted ko na talaga yung gym. i never workout, i'm too lazy! so while she's working out, i did our trigo homework and continued reading The Graveyard Book. then i saw RR Enriquez! hahaha she goes to the gym pala. and also Yas Neri... the one from UPCAT The Movie. actually, i never thought she goes to the gym. anyway, she sat across me at the lounge and read a book din. i wanted to speak to her or something cos we were schoolmates naman nung highschool pero nahiya ako. hahaha that's what happens when someone you just see walking around during highschool becomes a celebrity. i'm usually more friendly than that. haha

then we crossed to trinoma and blah blah blah. we didn't shop, we just looked around. i'm brooooooke. tapos! i saw this super nice red jacket at Solo. haynako bibilhin ko un promise! i just need cash. pleaaaase i want that jacket. i really really want that jacket!

FAIL: we ate at WORLD CHICKEN. their food looks really yummy and super sulit BUT IT'S TOO MUCH and nakaka-umay! figure this, 152 for a quarter chicken, pasta and rice. pasta pa lang busog na ko, it took a lot of self-motivation on my part to continue eating. the food isn't really masarap, but it's madami so we're really cool with just that. we even saw Rodjun Cruz and his girlfriend Diane (tadjock diane from wazzup?) eat at the same stall. wala lang, foodcourt eh. haha anyway, i never finish an entire plate at world chicken. sucks how i never learn. mejo sayang pera cos takaw tingin ako. sayang sayang! hmp.

// TOM! TOM! TOM OF PBB DOUBLE UP! hala ang gwapo nya! hahaha supercrush!!! >:D

// i don't feel anything special with turning 19. 19 lang nman e. hahaha next year na lang ha? hahaha >:P

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