hello. my brain is clogged. >_<;

our teacher didn't show up this morning! so we were dismissed (indirectly, by the guard, who turned off the aircon) 2 hours early. unfortunately i have to wait for my filione groupmate till 1130 so we could do our project (the super easy project i was talking about in my previous entry). so i waited! i was supposed to go and make tambay at my cousin's house for awhile but it's sooooo hot and i lost my payong so i just stayed where i was, and doooooodled... ang loner amp! T__T;;

otapos ngayon. i'm not making progress with our java project. thing is, i don't understand anything wahaha.

help naman. i need to divide the contents of the text file i have into arrays of different data types. i have a text file with names, student numbers, and grades. yaaaah, i need a string array, int array, and a double array. easy ba? hooow?


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