beats me

// i told some of my friends about my so-called twisted story line about God and Satan and blah blah blah. i knew it was scary to have come up with such a plot but at the same time i know it's a great story. i personally think it's one heck of a story that if i were only given a fine writing workshop, an excellent publishing company and a cool sounding pseudonym, i will make it big in the literary world. my friends say so!

well, i thought it would also turn out good as an anime, but i wouldn't think about giving the Japanese more than half the credit... so nevermind.

every person i told about it commented that it would indeed make a fuss, that's it's a scary thought and could potentially impair our beliefs. so out of being Christian myself, i decided to put down everything detailed i've written about it. i put them all in draft. i'll try to gather some courage and read more Dan Brown before i fully decide on it.

but right now. i'm all zipped.

just so you know, i'm feeling a bit nervous while writing this. beats me.

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