Do's and Don'ts while working with Google Adsense

If you're a newbie like me in the world of Adsense, there is never really a solid way to earn big in your first few months, unless you cheat -- which isn't even a valid option because can never get away with it without being flagged by Google.

Perhaps the best way to optimize your Adsense earnings is to KEEP IT LEGAL. Boost your content, work on SEO, submit your site to listings and do some research on popular keywords. These factors do not guarantee you ad clicks, but they increase traffic which could turn into ad clicks, which could then turn into sales (on the ad publisher's part); and then you earn.

By keeping it legal, you avoid doing things that would violate the Google Adsense Terms of Service. I bet not 50% of Adsense users have read the entire text, but even without doing so, conventional knowledge has it that there are 2 major things you shouldn't do while working with Google Adsense:

1. Do not alter the code. Google has made various templates and presets you can use to customize the look of your ad blocks. As much as possible, stick with it.

2. Do not harbor illegitimate clicks. Don't ask your friends to click on your ads. Don't use click bots; Google is smarter than that.

By closely following their terms, you are ensuring yourself a safe trip to a pool of revenue. Be patient though, because it takes a lot of time and effort to firmly establish an income stream coming for ads.

This also serves as a reminder to myself, cos I'm just starting at Adsense and I'm hoping that eventually, I'll earn and learn from this.

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