// why are these guys pushing me to the wrong person? when in reality, there's no one i want to be pushed into yet. there's this app at facebook which randomly generates reasons why you're still single. it's just funny cos the 'randomly generated reason' i got is something i've mentioned before. i didn't say i'm in that position. and for the record, HE IS NOT EVEN MY BESTFRIEND. what you see isn't always what you get.

right. i feel something, AND I'M NOT REACTING POSITIVELY ABOUT IT. now if you just tell it to me straight.

kill the fuss, folks. i'm not liking it, seriously. >:\

// currently making a gift for a bestfriend. >:P

// i'm thrilled to watch Survivor Philippines Palau later. who's gonna wiiiin????

// went to gym for a bit of cardio but i lost it all when i bought coffee.

// yeheeey! white musk! my mom says it smells like a guy. no waaaaaaay. :( it smells like... musk! duh?

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