// i learned something today. something i've wanted to confirm long before but is too scared to. cos i'm pretty sure i won't be getting the cool side of it all. haynako i knew it. i fucking hate it that i attract the wrong people... or i attract the people i don't like, or those i never thought i would attract in the first place. !@#$%^&*() why can't it just be the other way around? fuck naman e. so i wasn't surprised at all when i heard it. shrugged it off as soon as it was said cos i already know about it, my instincts served me right this time. epal. so, what to do? wala! keri lang! act like i never heard anything. i'm counting on TIME. yes naman, TIIIIME!!! go find another. i'm doing my part naman e, i'm doing everything to imply that there's no chance. hahaha sana next term na please???? and when i was asked why i don't like the 'news' i just heard, i just said that i simply don't like it, that i have my standards and it's a fucking dead case between the two of us. i won't give him the benefit of the doubt.

// yehey. he helped me set up the projector awhile ago. haha but i suck cos even though he's already there, i still called kuya IT to help me cos the projector won't turn on. sometimes my brain gets so clouded that i can't think and still call on other people even when somebody is already there. wtf? a life learning?

// wow. i thought i was already slacking off with filione but it turned out i got the highest midterm standing among all of the sections our prof is handling. yehey? >:)

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