asan ka Ouraaaaan???

my golly, i lost my dvd of ouran highschool hostclub! it's the dvd of episodes 1-13 that i burned personally! they're the super high quality vids i stole *sarreh naman* from Astra!!!! kanino ko pinahiram??? i don't remember! and my code geass is still with kuya jepoy lol i want it baaaaaacck na. yeah, my black cocktail dress is still with glaize pa pla. gaaaawd, so many things to retrieve from LB! haynako.

you know what happens when you watch too much anime? your perception of reality and men, in general, becomes altered, scaled up and exaggerated. malay. asan na ba kasi ung dvd koooo?

hello, ryan is at SMF right now and i'm not going! yah, like itaga nyo sa bato.

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