reassembling a broken piece doesn't turn it back to the way it was. it's not gonna be the same again. it may be stronger, but uglier. of course i'm talking about literal objects! wahahaha!

kay, sobrang bigat pala sa tiyan (chan? tyan? ang awkward itype) ng krushers.

moving on, if it were in real life, i would say there's a lot of truth in it. a broken friendship is worth restoring, fine, but it can never be the same again. once you put malice in it, it becomes awkward forever. and i hate being awkward cos my brain goes berserk. yeah, you know how it goes. i hard to be friends with someone whom i feel awkward with (like my crushes!!! && people who like me and NOT vice versa). point taken?

why are there mysterious bruises on my thighs? i know i'm kinda clumsy sometimes but i should know when i hit something. duh. good news, my two bruises on both shoulders are completely healed na! e kasi naman ung sabitan ng padlock sa classroom doors ang lakas maka-disgrasya.

anywaaaaay, we had sisig this afternoon so i'm super full. goooooo 2 1/2 rice! and we have this project in filione which is super easy but it's a group work so no matter how much i'm itching to do it all by myself, finish it tonight and pass it tomorrow, i can't! cos i have to discuss everything with my groupmates. and because it's hard coordinating with people, we'll be passing it next week, instead of tomorrow. you know how it sucks to be given a group project which is more efficiently done individually??? haaaay.

so yeah, i'm trying confuse you. ok, trigo is crucial now cos i don't trust every formula our teacher writes on the board. i always have to validate it with a book, then with the internet before i memorize it. thing is, he often makes typo errors! like + become - and x becomes y. you know, math is all about accuracy. it's frustrating when you're working with wrong equations.

sometimes i wish he just told it to me straight cos it's pointless being like this, being weird, and not knowing what to tell people when they ask me, "why?". i can't tell them about it too cos it would seem like i'm acting based on assumptions alone and that's weird enough. no it's not an assumption, it's second-hand information, so it's like... it's true! but you knoooow, i can't cos he doesn't know i know. haaaa???? i wish she hadn't told me about it, then i again i knew it was coming. what now? sorry ah! i don't usually encounter such things eh! noob!

right. javaaaaa. T___T; it's harder now. there's something lacking with his teaching methods haha. sinisi? eh wala lang. i get it, but i don't know when to use it. and it's like, we just got into arrays and after 1 meeting, he gave us a project bulking on it agad? sana tinuro ng mas matagal. >:( i don't get anything at all! and theeeen, he lost my last quiz. i think he lost most of our quizzes that's why he gave another quiz which is the same in scope pero wala na kong alam so faaaaail.

this is getting long! sorry! >:D

o tapos, there's this red wallet i fell in love with just awhile ago and it costs P3,000. T__T;

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