tomorrow! :P

// i'm excited to see my crush! :P see? haha i wish we could be like... frieeeendsss you knoooow. haha

// sir marquez has emailed us our midterm grades on trigo and java prog. so far, i'm highest on both! yehey! hahaha. but you know, i can never be too proud of it cos if this were taught in UP, i'm sure i'd be spilling my brains out. yes, fuck me and my fucking pride.

it's hard to believe that i'm actually excelling here, when back in UPLB i was the dumbest and most unmotivated sleepyhead you'll ever see. i never excelled in UP. oh, i did! i got uno in PE1! and my PE's are always high. yes, and art too. hahaha

anyway, i want to think that i was just wrongly positioned in UPLB. maybe if i were taking CS there, i would at least... strive to pass. there's only one absolute thing i learned when i was there: that i am not for chemical engineering. haha took me 3 years to realize that.

i want to convince myself that i really have a knack for computer science, that i'm excelling because i'm good at this and not because it's easy (here).

// just thinking of my crush makes me happy and yooouuung. haha XD i don't know.

// i know that i fall easily, but i never jump into saying i'm in love or something unless i mean it with my entire life. i'm just always heavily infatuated.

and as i've learned recently, infatuation is like the pirated version of love. it's confusing and you'll never guess what it really is between the two until it breaks. so i'm kinda wondering about people who say they lovED this or that person before. i dunno but i think there is no past tense for love. so i guess people who fell out of love weren't really in love in the first place, they were infatuated and confused it for love. tricky, isn't it?

infatuation isn't bad, though. it's almost like love but not exactly, cos it breaks. true love doesn't break. and i believe it only happens ONCE.

right. i'm talking about this because i've been asking myself if i have ever been in love. and my conclusion? NOT YET. at least now i can say it with conviction. thanks to Bo Sanchez.

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