// PPB Double Up - what happened to Tom? wasn't able to watch what happened earlier... then he's sick. e ang gwapo lang nya grabe. hahaha supercruuuush! ang lalim pa ng boses. mas gwapo pa pag nakasalamin. haynako. ah si patrick din crush ko! hohoho! mukang kuya kim eh. hahaha >:P

// Survivor Philippines Palau - so far, the part of the jury who spoke today will most likely vote for Justinne (yehey!). then there's the rest tomorrow. SPP today is made of epic win because of SUZUKI!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!! mega laughtrip! and he's trying to be serious. wtfinger?!?! when Jeff was asked, "crush mo si marvin?" -- her reaction was sooo damn priceless. she was blushing like crazy! laughtrip of the night! whew! di ko kinaya! >XD

// Plants versus Zombies! honestly i still like Luxor hahaha. but it's cool to have tried it, finally! gaaawd, i just get bored at the start cos it's too slow and the plants take a lot of time to recharge, next thing i know it's game over. the michael jackson zombie was amusing though! hohoho >XD

// Luxor? stuck at level 11. >:|

// heeey, i'm studying parin naman. in fact i did my homeworks first! like when i got home from school cos pundido na yung ilaw here so i won't be able to write on paper when night falls hahahaha.

// goal = DL. must have 21 units next term. come on, i need the discount... and my name up there. >:P

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