i never finish anyth---

had lunch at yoshi with my family! i missed yoshinoya soooo much! it became my favorite resto because of their chicken teriyaki and red ginger (which turned super salty now. faaaailll). >_<; theeeeen i kinda panic bought instant baked mac and cheezy mac by lucky me cos... cos... me and my groupmates are gonna need a lot of food this tuesday. haha we're doing our freakin java project here! i'm not really expecting progress, more like a girls' day out disguised as a project making day. in fact... it's because of them that i cleaned my room and organized my dusty shelf of pending books. anyway, marty's salt and vinegar cracklings is probably the most in-demand junk food today. it's always sold out! haaay lanyard, where arth thooouuu???? :tsk:
yo brian, wag mo na ko ibili! :okay:

aaaand because i fixed my shelf, i came across my box full of letters from my friends! yah like a hundred++ letters since highschool! mostly palancas. grabe, nakaka de-stress! >:) reading their letters make me feel like a better person, it uplifts my spirits! ay grabe they think i'm funny? ewan ko feeling ko naman hinde? wierd lang daw minsan. k. aaaawww, and larz's letter from our senior recollection touched me the most, she says i'm mature daw, all caps... awwwww. it's the type of compliment that makes me feel fulfilled as a person. it's like, the most valuable compliment i got. :) aynako, but of course it's different sometimes! i'm childish too. like when i lose a favorite item... parang yung lanyard?! hmp >:P

something i found stuck in my super old notebook while cleaning.

poem #1:

if i could search into your eyes
i'll be lost in a pool of shadows
lurking in that valley of lies
that one truth i could not swallow

poem #2:

if i could search into your palms
the lines that crossed us together
i would sing a joyful psalm
and wish it remains forever

if i could listen to your words
i'd melt right here and there
i don't care if it sounds absurd
but you take up to the angels' lair

and here's something i found at the recycle bin before i emptied it
poem #3:

i walk
into an antiquated street
you follow
in steps so discrete
i brisk
my heart thumping of fear
you run
your presence, you want me to hear
i hide
with my wobbling senses
you stop

looks like i never finish anyth---

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