went to divi awhile ago to buy tooooys for christmas! wahaha but it's super cool cos i was able to buy a pair of jeans for only 100 wahahaha, plus dvds (new moon, 2012 & tidal wave), a set of pens and a set of markers. i wanna draw naaaaa! >:D

will go back sometime this week to look for fabrics cos i need to get myself a gown for my cousin's wedding this december. which reminds me... I NEED TO WORKOUT AGAAAAAIIIN.

mali ang pamahiin! last year on one of my cousin's wedding, i caught the bouquet kaya! and i'm not getting wed anytime soon... baka baliktad ang pamahiin? ohnoooooo. >:((


brian, hindi ikaw yun! peace! >:)

PS: nakita ko yung crush ko! wala lang. >:P

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