how bout... study for the entrance tests?

i'm so bad... i have not taken any serious self-review with regards to the CATs! i'm so... well... lazy!

but you know... i stayed up this late to help finish our project, which is, FYI a cd-format website due tomorrow. cool, huh? well... tiresome, yes.
it's ten... i'm not sleepy! maybe because i drank a mocha crystal shake awhile ago in zagu (i actually prefer caffe latte but they went out of stock and they have no pearls left so they gave me crystals...) and ate nerds and well, forgot to ate dinner.

anyway... i think i'm going to flunk english...=(
my comexes are getting lower and lower and lower and... my grammar is getting wierder and wierder and weirder... like this...

when i talk to someone and im not sure of the grammar...
"hey, what did you win or won?"
how stupid is that?
"you know, it's always... she or her?"
urgghh... i'm annoyed at myself. ~_-

come on, i'd rather die. turn me into a fly and kill me with a flyswatter! *knocks on wood 3x*

i'm sooo.. pathetic.. i don't know what to put in my write-up! i almost failed this comex! like.. who the hell is arianne anyway?
oh yes, i love to draw! everybody knows that, but i'm not the only one who loves to draw!
i want something unique... something that when people read it they'll know that it's me... and the only thing that comes to my mind is...

my short nails, my super duper short nails plus my bad habit of nailbiting.

heh! i don't want to be remembered as a nail-biting freak or the girl who's afraid to do panunumpa and panatang makabayan coz her nails are too short...

oh my... save my sanity please...
now you know why i always want to be in the back during flag cem.

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