my ideal job is

arianne, your ideal job is a Goal Scoring Superstar Hero!

lOl, it's not even a job! haha

then i also tried my full name...
it says... your ideal job is a Ping Pong Ball Inspector.
well that could be a job but i guess i have to settle with my first 'job'.

then again, i tried the ideal car generator and it says the ideal car for me is a Rolls Royce..yeah!

try it HERE!

hmm this week will be our profile pictorial... i'm not ready. -_- i really don't want my hair to be loose, i want it tied or something like that. i don't even know what to do with the creative shot..
maybe i'll just wear a
painter's hat
white shirt with paint splats under a
denim jumper and
rugged shoes...
then hold a sketchpad on the right arm
and a pain brush on the other hand then...

err... *winks* weird. i won't look like an artist.. i'll look like tom saywer fishing with huckleberry fin.

oh my... i don't even paint. i draw so maybe i'll replace the paintbrush with a pencil and turn my peasant clothes to... a gown perhaps?

grr... what's with me? nah, of course i want to look good. =)

oh... i quite happy today... i drew 'adrian creed' =)
who? he's an original character and he's based from draco malfoy.
actually i intended to draw draco but in the end it didn't look like him so i decided to turn him into a semi-original character to at least lighten the SHAME of not drawing a draco malfoy properly.

and i put him in slytherin while i stay in gryffindor. i haven't done my character yet! haha.. but sooner...just wait.

oh, i'll scan adrian sometime later...

wother folks!

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