Hey blogg what is upppp

For the life of me I can't seem to find time to update this blog anymore! I've been soooo frkn busy with work lately and while I'm constantly craving for some me time, I'm also constantly craving for potato corner, and I only have the luxury to accommodate one, and food wins - as usual. So what's up? Right now I'm working on 2 articles, 2 invitation suites, and a long long overdue brand design guidebook. I'm so bombarded with work and I can only make up excuses as to why I'm not delivering as pronto as I'm used to. My usual excuse would be the truth, that I'm also working on other projects so please bear with the delay. But the truth is, every time I go home I just want to rest and play Clash Royale, Design Home, and Mad Skills BMX till the break of dawn. I suck at time management and it sucks lol hahaha.

My writing job employer renewed their guidelines and gave a maximum of 48 hours turnaround for a single article. I'M GONNA DIE. And as if I'm not employed enough, I applied at Livingston Research as a freelance academic writer. I took their online test - a 45 item grammar test, and a writing test - a 200 word position paper about a random social sciences topic - all within time pressure... and I passed. I can't believe it huhu. I just really wanted to test myself, see if I'm cut out for it. A day after I completed the exam I got a frkn call from Livingston UK delivering the good news. For the most part I didn't understand the accent, but I heard congratulations and we'll email you the next steps blah blah blah and your success manager will call you in a few days to follow up on you. Like... what the heck. All that formality for a freelance position?!

So I checked their portal, read the notes, yadda yadda and went to their site to check for any open assignments I can try. BUT MYGAHD IT WAS SO FRKN DAUNTING. If being an academic writer means doing somebody else's homework, I'M OUT. No, I'm kidding. I'll check it out again to see if I can do anything haha.

I'm glad I took the test, passed, and got to see the type of work they offer. I've always been mentally complaining about this writing job I have, that I feel like I'm being underpaid, that they're too strict, that there's too much work, blah blah blah. But upon seeing Livingston's offer, I'm actually very lucky. I'm not even writing academic papers and I'm getting paid twice. Super sorry Lord for complaining too much. And you know what, I've learned a freaking lot writing for my current employer, and I've improved too. My bosses are all very kind as well. I hope I don't get fired before June though cos that's going to be my 1 year milestone with them! Gotta work harderrrr!

On the other hand, I can't thank God enough for putting me at White & Case naks naman. HAHA. I mean, besides the HR thing (which still makes me feel super duper bad just thinking about it), I'm enjoying the work and I'm not feeling stupid. Or maybe because jusko ang tanda ko na kasi diba hahaha. I'm learning a heeeeell lot and it's super exciting. I'm surrounded by super admirable people too and everyone's just super nice and friendly lol. To be fair, I've always been around great people. I've never had to complain about the people I work with. And swerte ko lang. Thank you Lord! <3

Okaaaay, so back to work! 

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