It's free movie day today! >:D

this day was quite eventful, i accompanied terai to the gym to try out the group exercise she regularly attends. it's called Lose It! a 1 hour fitness module composed of intense circuit workouts. that time, we were quite in a rush to catch the 12nn-1pm sched so i just skipped brunch. when the workout started, not 30 mins has passed and i almost passed out, so i just walked out the studio to rest. i had no energy left to finish the entire session. my vision got clouded and my knees got wobbly after that short exercise. it was a stupid idea to skip eating before heading to the gym. i also didn't expect that module to be that exhausting hahahaha

after gym, i was so hungry i downed an overloaded meal at KFC HAHAHA sayang exercise. then we headed straight to SM North EDSA for the FREE MOVIE DAY!!!

Movie 1: Stolen

the 1 kidnapped daughter. instant crush!
Good movie! that chick alison was an eyecandy hahaha. i just have a few concerns at the end part of the movie where nicholas cage was trying to free her daughter from the trunk of a flaming cab (the antagonist poured gas and ignited the dang thing). what he did was, he started the engine and drove the car all the way to the lake. so the fire was extinguished and they drowned and blah. eventually he found a metal stick to open the dang trunk and release her daughter.

so what's bothering me is... isn't it dangerous to start the engine when the car is already on fire? ain't that riskier for his daughter? also, he was able to start the cab, and based on what i saw he used the car key. isn't that already the same key you need to open the trunk? or not? oh well.

i'm no movie critic so i can't tell if it's that good. but i enjoyed it nonetheless, after all it's free! haha

Movie 2: Step Up Revolution (Step up 4: Miami Heat)

Super cool and entertaining movie.. as usual! Who cares about the plot, i bet most of us were in it for the amazing dance prods anyway. And the best part, Moose was there (oops, spoiler haha)! great choreography! i enjoyed every performance except the first first one with lots of wheels and where the dancers where scattered in most places. i appreciate it best when they perform as a mob on one floor. anyway, for the entertainment value it gives... this one's a must watch. :D

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