amused + wish list

someone called me earlier, recruiting me to be part of their team as an i-don't-know-yet. she says, compensation is big and i can do it part time. the project has something to do with GENETIC TECHNOLOGY, the parent company is based in the US but the project is philippine outsourced. then you know, the call dropped. network bluff grrr. i'm only interested about the nature of their job though, not exactly the offer. sounds really kewl. like superhero cool. are they brewing something that will contribute to the advancement of genetic studies? she wasn't clear about the company name, so it could be like top secret. is it something evil? like a virus that turns people into zombies when they die (like this series i forgot)? are they orchestrating a biological warfare to end the world on the 21st? and will offer immunity only to those involved in the development of the project? LIKE ME (possibly)! hahaha

oh well, nevermind >:)

ETA: just so you know, i added a wish list at the side bar! >XD for your *ehem* reference LOL

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