no definite plans yet

i'm getting old and i'm still playing the whole UP game.
it's not too hard to accept that i'm not really cut out to carry such honor of being an iska. if, in fact, it is indeed honorable.

after failing the CFA-TDT, my life was yet again brought back to a big blur. though it was only for a short while because i immediately refocused my mind into a fail-safe. it didn't occur to me that all this time, my so called fail-safe will remain intact. of all the plans and choices i had, it has always been my last resort. and it freakin stood the test of time, for always being there, for always being present in my list of choices, even though it was never a priority.

so now, why not give it a chance?
3 years ago, i took the entrance exam at FEU-fern and passed, but i left it behind in favor of exhausting my options of getting into a UP campus.

and now, i'm seeing it as the only option that would bring me happiness.

well, at least i've still got a choice. who knows diba? :)


just got back from the gym, btw. :)

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