this is where i work

right now i'm just working on the floor with a shelf's 2nd level as my desk. anyway, i'm still waiting for a table. :) hehe, soon.

our climate is really fucked up right now. it's raining in the middle of the summer! and it's not artificial rain! it's real rain! kuya kim says there's an ITCZ somewhere around the phils. it's weird cos it doesn't usually happen that way. diba? especially that it's mid-april.

anyway. it's earth day today right?
yah. happy earth day then.

it's not that i'm indifferent, i just don't what to do about it. it's just like any other day anyway. and if we celebrate fastidiously, we'll be spending more than we should save, and earth day is about saving whatever we could to eliminate unsolicited consumption.

i mean really, the best way to commemorate earth day is to shut down the lights and sleep the whole day. there should be a worldwide ration of sleeping pills that should be taken simultaneously all over the world.

earth day should be sleep day. :) then again, if the aliens hear about this, they'll take advantage of the moment we are all asleep and conquer the world. and when we wake up, it's either we're dead or locked somewhere in a UFO. i'll take the later, sounds cooler.

even though it was raining, we still went to the gym.

and this is how we failed the day

classic banana split from icebergs

my sister and i shared this untimely treat before we head to the gym. pare, it was heaven! actually, it's our first time to eat at icebergs, we were just lured by the ultra big menu standing at the blame it!

okaaay, what i liked about the split is that the ice cream was so nice! :) it has 3 scoops of ice cream (vanilla, mango, strawberry), banana -duh!-, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

classic nga eh.
the ice cream is super cool cos it doesn't melt easily, it's somewhat stickier (for a lack of a better term), or probably less creamier so it's more flavorful. i like it that way! :)

the whipped cream is perfect too.
if i were to rank my favorite whipped creams in increasing preference, here's how it would be:

4. mocha blends
3. starbucks
2. blenz
1. icebergs

hehehehe :)
most whipped creams are cheats! (all purpose cream+sugar)whip=whipped cream.
well, whipped cream parin nga naman but they lack something. i dunno, they taste cheap. :P

ang arti arti ko naman! :)
but i'm a coffee freak and i enjoy my cold coffee with a nice whipped cream on top. hehe

ang arte. :P

good thing they have this on the table. hahaha

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