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late night entry! :)

we went to the gym awhile ago. :)
ate very veggie plato wraps and tokyo2x's ninja wraps. haha ang takaw. XP

mejo galit ako
so it's pretty nasty and rude and judgmental right on the cut

i'm kinda pissed off with this guy
who the heck?

this guy sells fifa world cup lanyards at his multiply site and i ordered for one since the meetup places are just nearby. and also the fact (who knows, really?) that he's from UP made it more credible for me. kapwa isko/iska eh, lolokohin ka pa ba naman? (not true anymore though)... and heck, it's not even enough for a credential.

but then, the transaction was so slow. if you could even consider it 'moving' in the first place. and at the end i had to cancel my purchase and get my money back because a month of waiting for your product to arrive is already unreasonable and downright unprofessional.

i'm not saying he's a fraud or a bogus seller, maybe it's 50-50 since we weren't able to complete the transaction either, so i have no basis of accusing him of a crime. and besides, he gave my money back.

and to make him even more disgusting to deal with, he wants us to be textmates. yah, that 's tolerable cos i simply ignore such invitations but in this case, i played with it for a while for the sake of business. but then he starts asking ultra-weird-kinda rude-and-awfully-phrased questions like

what's your vital stats?
cup size mo?
virgin ka pa ba?

e sino ka ba?

and fuck, he is really insistent on knowing.
he asked me to add all of his accounts (multiply, friendster, facebook) and it only triggered my nerve. dahil sa mukha nya.

he even asked kung gwapo ba sha
well, i had to be polite diba?
so nevermind.

he also keeps repeating that he's single.
go fuck yourself

back to special a. XP

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