because of openrice's chinese new year promo, i got into a week long food trip adventure with my boyfriend at Maginhawa, where he lives. we're not really trying out resto after resto to review food, but yeah i was looking for cheap stuff to review kasi hahaha and then i discovered this: I HEART FROYO

i got so addicted on my first visit that i finished 3 cups of their 55 pesos serving. well, technically i only ate 2 cos i shared it with jec bwahaha. >:)

day 1

and knowing myself when i get so hooked with a type of food, i had to eat it everyday.

the next day!

and because the craving is still so strong

the following day!

we came back with our own toppings! i brought nips, jec brought gummy bears and we topped it on our froyo's like a boss! well their toppings cost 15 pesos per top eh so we had to improv and buy our own cheaper alternative! after all, we've been there for 3 days straight so i don't think the crew will be annoyed hehe.

and today, well i planned on froyoing but guess what, instead of going to i heart froyo, tita ruth (jec's mom) treated us to FRUTTI FROYO instead! it was my first time there! bwahablaaaaahhh i'm kinda sleepy and i haven't tranferred the frutti pics so imma leave this na haha

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