you and your little world of vanity

because of this messed up red blood cells i was semi-convinced and forced to take herbal medications for 1 month.

clustered, anemic, and dead cells.

chain of cells and an alarming streak of uric acid

cholesterol in my blood at freaking 21

talk about being healthy! now i'm taking in herbal supplements on a strict schedule, and am trying to average 3 bottles of water everyday, not exactly the recommended 8 glasses... but that's freaking progress to my usual 1 glass/day lifestyle hehehe

but then you know, i'm kindof hooked on Snyder's Jalapeno. grrrr for the junk. >XO

haynako. i wish i could tell you that you're not that pretty, not that attractive and not that smart. then again, at the cost of your usefulness i'll shut up for a few months more. i feel like a bitch but really, it takes a good (as in skilled, not goody good good) friend to translate your words into having pure unadulterated self-seeking intentions. a brewing pet peeve. 


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