stuff i forgot i was anxious to blog about hehe

Smart bro has been incredibly messed up recently i don't know why, is it because i haven't paid my bills yet? or i'm not paying as early as usual? errr but i'm really out of cash! grarrrrr

anyhow, i was supposed to blog about wednesday because it was quite eventful!

// CBTL initial interview
i sneaked out of the house to attend coffee bean and tea leaf's recruitment caravan day 1 (or so it says at a jobstreet ad) at greenbelt 3, frakking faraway land but i thought i had to be there at the first day or else i'll lose my chance to ever get employed. forevahhh. it's so hard to get a job nowadays right? haha

i came in a bit late so i had to wait until after lunch to get accommodated. well, it sucks that there was only 1 HR representative to take care of us all but whatever haha.

result? i passed! yehey! and she invited me for a final interview the next day at their head office at libis, she said that i'll be receiving a confirmation message tonight (referring to wednesday night). and well, I HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANY until now. err that sucks. talk about how i was anticipating this job as a barista. >:( she was even giving me tips for the final interview! >XO

new friend, angel! >:)

// STIPEND finally!
still on the same day, while waiting for my turn to get interviewed, sir odie texted me that my stipend is already available for pickup! yehey! that's MONEY in return for our OJT services. yeyyyyy and that! will go to my latest internet bill hehehe plus some other stuff i ought to spend on >XD

For some reason I feel like Chuck when the CIA was preventing him from getting a job outside buy more.

1. starbucks - i made the initial interview, i passed and they endorsed my application to ABS-CBN branch but until now, no one has called. i consider it a really cool experience to have passed their preliminary barista standards, we were 9 during the group interview and only 3 of us made it. the other 2 are now part of the team, working! and me? i haven't received a single call since that fateful day. >:(

2. S.A. - i passed all the necessary requirements and even stressed out that i was a former S.A. i was with the HR personnel helping to block out my free sched and she said she'll put me at the Discipline office to work under sir Pangilinan and that she'll text me. but wait, the term is running and i doubt they'll be needing any of my services soon. >:(

3. and now CBTL - argh. hahaha she said i was good, that she has no problems with my answers, that i'm a team player and that i'm invited for a final interview the next day. but where is the text message containing all the important information like the time and address? haaaay Lord.

why do i feel like there's such a conspiracy here.  i have above average communication skills (says a convergy's hr)! i have never failed any of the initial job interviews i attended (even the mock ones)! my grades are pretty colorful! AND BEST OF ALL, as a part-time applicant i have the best schedule ever, i'm free the entire week ANYTIME and it won't change for the next 6 months. isn't that what firms are looking for with part-timers? time availability? >XO am i cursed not to reach a final interview ever? it gets really frustrating when you know you're qualified enough but no one seems to want to hire you. i'm starting to think if some evil force is keeping them from reaching me. >XO

please please please. Lord. i badly need a job. Amen and Thanks! >XD

PS. then you know, yesterday i slipped on the stairs from the rooftop carrying the laptop, speakers and extension cord so my entire body is in freaking pain right now. hay, i now realized that falling off the stairs can be extremely dangerous. i always thought that telenovelas are making such a big deal out of it like it can actually kill but well! 3 steps down and i'm in frakking crap already, i couldn't imagine going all the way down. >XO

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